Thursday, September 6, 2007


What are friends? A friend is someone who got yo bck no matta wat........... somebody dats gon be there fo u when U need dem not when they can............. somebody who see u in a bad mood ask u wats wrong and dnt stop askin till u tell dem............... somebody who when u aint around wonder where u at and wonder if u okay and takes da initiative to try to find out wats goin on wit u when u aint there.................................... somebody who kno when u got a prob even when u dnt show it...................... a tru friend is somebody u can call a friend without questioning ur friendship when u can automatically call someone a friend w/out wonderin if they care bout u as much as u care bout dem den u kno they real.
but ppl dnt thnk bout dat and they thnk juss cuz u added dem on myspace and u leave each otha comments every once in a while they consider dat a friend dat aint a friend dats and acquaintance dats it they only somebody u kno and communicate with on a daily basis dats it. but nobody sees it like dat they say ppl are there friends cuz it makes da otha person feel betta or cuz it make them feel like they have friends but as usual somethin will happen and they'll realize they were neva friends that they neva shared a common interest but only a common thought which aint much during a persons time of need but nobody realizes wat a real friend which is y sooo many ppl hav beef wit somebody they once called their "friend"
in da dictionary a friend is: A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. But its mo den dat cuz I trust like and kno my doctor but dat dnt make him my friend dat make him my doctor da meaning of da word friend is in reality lost and has been replaced wit: Friend- da person u tlk to.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Q&A (Real Talk)

why do so many ppl go hungry??
A: cuz dey put dem selves in a position where dey cant feed dem selves
why are so many kids w/out parents??
A: cuz dey parents weren't mature enough to raise dem and now dey gotta suffer fo dey parents inabilities
why so many criminals runnin da streetz??
A: cuz da judges and attorneys spendin all dey time puttin innocent ppl,petty thieves, and hoes behind bars instead of da ones dat need to be dere
why kids unda da age of 10 in da dope game??
A: cuz its wat da rap artist and hollywood stars portray as cool in dey videos and songs
why so many gurls become hoes b4 dey turn 15??
A: cuz dey aint got nobody in dey life so dey trn to da streetz
why iz da world so obsessed wit da famous??
A: cuz itz easier to tlk bout da famous den to face da fact dat kids went missin, ppl died, and an innocent man was released frm jail afta 20 yrs
why do ppl dat deserve da most get da least??
A: cuz da ones gettin da most is takin frm da ones dats gettin da least and da ones gettin da least is da ones wrkn hardest fo it
why so many women forced to raise dey kids alone??
A: cuz da niggas dey got wit couldnt handle da responsibility of a child and aint got sympathy fo da child dats gon grow up w/out dem
why dun da public school system educate kids to da fullest??
A: cuz dey dun wanna teach dem everything they need to kno only wat dey need to pass stat test at da end of da year
why teachers rapin students instead of teachin dem??
A: cuz dey rather use dem fo sexual pleasure and den claim a mental disorder den do dey job
why so many kids droppin out??
A: cuz aint nobody in dey life to encourage dem and help dem stay in school
why are state test the difference between a student passin and failin??
A: cuz da department of education in every stae knows dat students arent learnin what they should be only whats needed 4 da state test
why cops stay in da blk neighborhoods instead of where dey needed??
A: cuz its easier to racial profile or harrass den to go out and catch real criminals
why ppl goin outta da states to adopt when u got so many kids here who need a home??
A: cuz dey kno da problems da kids in da states hav and dun wanna waste time to hlp dem but instead dey wanna spend thousands of dollas to bring a child frm china
why are women destroyin dey child b4 dey even had a chance to live??
A: cuz dey feel like dey doin wat dey gotta do cuz dey cant take care of da child or cuz dey dun want it dey dun realize its women who cant hav a child
why so many men treat women like trash??
A: cuz dey in da eyes of everyone else dey aint a man so to make dem selves feel good dey gotta find some body to treat like trash
why women accept it when men treat dem like trash??
A: cuz dey got low self esteem and feel dat da nigga dats treatin dem like trash iz da only one dey can get
why parents abuse and molest dey children??
A: cuz dey full of hate frm when it happened to dem and instead of thnkn bout how it felt to dem dey only thnk tha da child deserve it cuz dey went through it
why so many children go hungry??
A: cuz aint nobody in da world willin to put dey life on hold to hlp somebody else out
why do ppl kill ppl??
A: cuz dey so full of stupidity and anger and instead of thnkn bout consequences dey juss take action
why are united states troops still in iraq??
A: cuz by leavin it'll prove dat we were wrong to start da war in da first place and dat we rlly hav been fightin for oil
why does da news care more bout celebrities den da children dat went missin??
A: cuz dats wat da ppl care bout. ppl would rather here bout some outta control teen star den da hospital dat had a infectious outbreak
why does paris hilton's jail cell look betta den da niggas who 85 yrs ol and been in jail 30+ yrs??
A: cuz da nigga who 85 yrs old aint got billions of dollas to pay off judges and attorneys
why are some sex offenders gettin 45 days fo havin sex wit minors when ppl who sell drugs get 5 yrs??
A: cuz judges and attorneys are blind to the effects of rape opposed to da effect of drugs
why are killers gettin 3-5yrs jail time and and robbers gettin 10-20 yrs??
A: aint no answer fo da stupid shit ppl come up wit and dis is 1 of dem stupid thngs
why so many ppl infected wit HIV and AIDS??
A: cuz some ppl aint smart enough to put on a glove b4 playin baseball(fo da slo ppl wat i mean iz dey dun wrap it up)
why da ppl wit HIV and AIDS still havin unprotected sex??
A: cuz dey aint smart enough to kno dey can hurt otha ppl or dey hateful cuz dey go it and dun care if someone else get it
why dun we hav a cure for AIDS, HIV, Cancer, and otha terminally ill viruses and diseases??
A: cuz dey aint smart enough to kno dey can hurt otha ppl or dey hateful cuz dey go it and dun care if someone else get it
why are children who neva dun nothin cursed wit fatal diseases??
A: some thngs cant be explained but only changed by prayer and hope dis iz one
why ppl criticize othas bout dere imperfections
A: cuz da ppl dats criticizin cant stand da fact dat da ppl wit of dem those imperfections are hapopier than them and can accept their imperfections which is somethin they cant do

But still a question remains.......


Thursday, June 7, 2007

wHo aM I??

Who am i?? wat does dat question rlly mean? No one rlly knows everyone has a diff understandin of wat dat question is rlly askin?? I understand dat question as askin not only my identity but also who I am as a person
So…. Who am i?? sad thing is dats a question even I cant answer. I could tell u that I'm a person who enjoys music and loves to laugh but dats not rlly who I am dats wat I like to do. I could tell u dat I'm a person who’s somewhat book smart and can do almost anything with the computer but again dats not who I am those r juss things I can do
To some ppl this question doesn’t seem that complicated but if u think bout it do u really KNOW who u are??


Is it worth it?? Does it rlly solve da problem??
Does it truly free some1 frm depression and confusion??
Or does it add to the pain?? does it make life worse for not only da person dat commits suicide but the ppl they left behind??
Wat about da problems they had??
Are their problems gone forever or do they simply get passed to someone else?? If the person committed suicide does that make the problems they had any worse than the problems dat someone else may have?? Or does it simply make that person a coward for takin the easy way out?? Did they do it cuz they even had a problem??
did they do it cuz they felt no one cared?? Or cuz they felt they had no one, they felt as if they were alone?? Is it possible that they rlly didn’t have anyone?? Or maybe they rlly didn’t hav any friends or that they were in reality, alone in da world??
How long were they feelin like suicide was da answer to their problem?? How many days did their life go on b4 they knew it was time for them to go?? How many ppl ignored the signs that something was wrong?? How many ppl walked by and knew something was wrong with them but could care less??
Wat kinda person decides to commit suicide?? Are they a bad person for feelin dat suicide is da answer?? Or are they a brave person for doin it?? Or once they’ve done it or attempted to commit suicide are they deemed as someone who juss cant handle stress??
Who’s fault is it?? Is it their fault for no bein able or not wantin to deal wit da stress in they life?? Or is it their family friends fault for not realizing that something was wrong??
So many questions and the only ppl that can answer them are the ones that have done it But the in reality no one can answer these questions cuz the ones that have done it cant speak cuz their gone and da sad part is these questions don’t come up until that person is gone…


im confused
im confused bout my life
im confused bout my feelings
im confused bout da ppl dat i call friends
right now im juss in a state of confusion wat im i gonna do???
i dunno
my life is nothin more than confusion right now
im doin nothin goin nowhere
im not depressed but den again i rlly dunno
i could be depressed.............. but y??
alot of ppl would say "ur 15 u cant be depressed"
but depression dun come wit an age
but im not depressed i hav nothin to be depressed bout
or do i?? would goin to 3 funerals in 3 months depress u??
would bein away frm the only family u kno for two yrs and only havin
ur mom and bro with u depress u?? would bein somewhere u rlly
dun wanna be depress u??
would ppl constantly comin in and out of ur life depress u??
would constant dissatisfaction wit ur self depress u??
how bout the feelin of loneliness even when ur wit the ones u love??
would not knowin if da ppl u call friends r rlly ur friends
or ppl dat juss like usin da word??
or am i takin small things and makin them bigger than they r??
or am i switching bein confused wit depression??
there alwasy seem to be more questions than answers
but seems like for me there are nothin but questions
and no answers
and havin no answers means more questions
which juss adds to more confusion
ppl always say life is full of wonders well.....
im sicka wonderin
im sicka wonderin when im goin to anotha funeral
or if i tell dis "friend" somethin will everyone kno by
the end of da day........ im sicka wonderin who to trust....
im sicka bein confused

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